In Ho Chi Minh City, within the prime neighborhood of District 1 along the prestigious Co Giang Street, all eyes alight upon The Grand Manhattan. Located in downtown HCMC, The Grand Manhattan is adjacent to prominent landmarks, 5-star hotels, office towers and Saigon’s “Wall” Street, the city’s bustling financial quarter. Built to be iconic, designed for the elite, this glamorous address is perfectly poised close to major landmarks, comfortable amenities with access to every convenience. You won't want to live anywhere else but here.


Sitting on one of the last few remining residences freehold in District 1. Alpha Hill - The two residential towers with “Revolutionary Living” is a symbol of distinguished metropolitan lifestyle: get easy accessibility to everything you need while dominating the view over the city from the unparalleled height. Residents at Alpha Hill will be proud owners of VIETNAM FIRST AND ONLY HIGH-TECH TRANSFORMER HOME  with state of the art facilities ensuring high international living standard and concierge for world class services.


Two towers of River Garden Residences are located at the heart of SwanBay Le Center resort island, bringing a whole new living experience for live wire owners.
River Garden Residence is the perfect living space for global citizens. The resort apartments here not only provide a European lifestyle experience but also a cradle for creative inspiration. The beauty of an apartment is not just implied in its appearance but its utilities

- Large balcony, open design to maximize the green value of nature.

- The high-class apartments on the natural island all possess views of the river.

- Trendy design with Dual Key apartment with spacious space, increasing functionality

- Each apartment is a combination of diverse shades that suitable for the interests and personality of owners